01 / limitless innovation
02 / luxurious finishes & effect
03 / world-class packaging solutions
04 / iso-accredited quality assurance
05 / limitless innovation
06 / luxurious finishes & effect
07 / world-class packaging solutions
08 / iso-accerited quality assurance
Neuera Packaging
We are a luxury printing and packaging company based in Guangzhou, China with sales office in United Kingdom and Malaysia

Our commitment is to provide customers with value-added advantages and a distinct edge in promoting their company’s image in marketing and overall branding.

Showcase / Portfolio

We have the ability to create a wide range of printing and packaging solutions
for our customers. From the practical to the luxurious and to the very unique –
we are here to help you impress your target audience.

We combine human ingenuity and machine dexterity to produce solutions that further enhances presentation and brand identity of our customers.

Production technique
We are able to provide a huge array of printing and production finishing, such as

offset printing, lamination, hot foil, emboss / deboss, texture pressing, spot UV and etc

. We have invested in the best machines in the market in order to carry out these productions in-house. It gives us the full control of quality and efficiency but ensuring the cost doesn’t get out of hand as well.

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