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How to redefine your packaging by adding accessories?

What do you think of having accessories in packaging? Something EXTRA? Or something just to decorate your packaging? Without noticing, these changes might be insignificant. It may be as small as most people might only see it as something extra. Unexpectedly, it could still create a great difference. There are lots of accessories or ornaments to be used in packaging as much as you can think of: ribbon, rope handle, lock and etc.

Look at how these rope handle makes a change to these paper bags, upgrade in rope handle creates a classier vibe. However, don’t ever think that only rope handle can be used in paper bag, ribbon could help to create an elegant and premium kind of vibes too.

Tassel always reminds people of exotic vibes. Imagine this packaging without tassel…

Leather strap is normally found in bag, or any leather product. However, it could be fitted nicely in hand made box too. This creative combination creates a different visual effect in order to stand out from your competitors’ boring packaging.

Besides, a copper lock is the most ideal choice when comes to wooden box if you would like to create a classic treasure box for your products. A wooden box is comparably rigid in protecting your product while a copper lock fastens your wooden box tightly.

Considering the difficulty in pulling out the drawer box when it’s too tight, metal handle upgrades the function of the entire packaging while also solving customer’s concern. This will be one of the most caring parts in consumer packaging.

This gold handle with meticulous carving is perfect for premium packaging and products, create a vibe which feels classy and magnificent. The biggest advantage of packaging with handle is to allow consumer to carry the box conveniently.

We provide custom-made service and assistance in redefining your packaging. Redefine your packaging doesn’t only means changing the entire design of a packaging, it pays greater attention to changing the structure and upgrade the whole packaging’s functionality or even by adding accessory to enhance the vibes of the entire packaging. All these upgrades not only add value to your packaging, it also indirectly add value to your product and your selling price too.

Therefore, redefine your packaging, fast forward your sales now by contacting us here. Let us bring your packaging to another level!

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