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Online Packaging can speak!!!

Updated: Mar 12, 2021

Online Packaging, which commonly uses corrugated courier box or mailer box, is being widely used nowadays due to the fast development of online shopping.

If you think that corrugated box is just a simple box for delivery, then you’re wrong!

Below are few points to show you how online packaging can change your perceptions.

Redefines your online packaging, Position your brand

No doubt! Online Packaging can speak!!!

Your packaging connects directly with your product. No matter how good quality your product is, your packaging must deliver the same message as your product. It is the nature of human being to judge the content based on its cover. Packaging at first sight. Therefore, your product perceived value is always depending on your packaging.

You can decide on your product perceived value. If your packaging is giving consumer a wrong perception, it will affect your brand’s positioning.

It is a multi-functional box

Just as its name implies, mailer box is not only meant for delivery and shipping used. Your mailer box can be a gift box too if your design and structure is eye-catching enough.

Everyone loves gift, so why not?

Your mailer box can also solve problems like:

“Can I request a wishing card with message to be included in my mailer box to my receivers?”

“Any brochure? I would like to know more about your product.”

“I remember there is a voucher redemption for us, right?”

And I will happily reply them, “Hey dear, please have a look, it’s all inside your mailer box.”

You can have wishing message, product information or even a voucher redemption barcode printed inside your online packaging. What a simple and creative way right?!

Additional sustainable value to your business

“Go-green” has gradually becoming a hit trend in recent years, following by the rise of environmental issue which raise awareness of the public. In Malaysia alone, you might find that there was a 65% increase in searches for “reusable” compared to last year.

We custom order eco-friendly online packaging which is made of 100% recycled cardboard and printed in eco-friendly ink.

Eco-friendly online packaging tends to be free from harmful chemical materials that can cause health concerns. Health has become an important concern in this Covid-19 pandemic.

Besides, this also help to build a positive image for your business, for taking environmental and social issues into your business consideration. For sure, a positive image creates value for your business and makes your business more reliable and recognised by the public.

So, get your own custom order online packaging here! Let your packaging speaks to position your business and upgrade its value for greatest return.

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