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Transformation of Huat Huat's Packaging

The Challenges

Huat Huat was founded in 1998 and is famous for their Teochew Soft Cake. Over the years, their business has grow by leaps and bounds. Today, they are producing many kinds of traditional pastries and cakes. One of their signature pastries is Salted Green Bean Pastry (aka Tau Sar Piah). Besides strict control over their production processes, Huat Huat uses only the healthiest and natural ingredients, to ensure that every single piece of their pastries remain the traditional old-time flavor.

Photo source from 發發饼家 Huat Huat Kouping Facebook

The Problems

Traditional pastry is gradually being left forgotten especially among youngster who are seeking for novel flavor and something more creative. Most of the time, traditional pastry is only being sent out as a gift during festive season.

The Solutions

Recently, they have launched a new “HUAT’S UP SERIES” with slogan “Modern Looks, Classic Taste” In this series, they aim for different market positioning by seeking breakthrough and innovation in traditional craftmanship in order to pamper people who loves novelty. Their pastries maintain the old-time flavor under a new modern look.

1. Upgrade packaging materials

Previously used boxboard as their main packaging materials. However, we proposed to use art card to replace box board as art card is comparably thicker, sturdier and has stronger bearing ability to the products.

2. Upgrade box structure

Structure is the main key of the whole packaging. Market has been flooded with square box thus creating no differentiation. First, we break away from the stereotyped square box and introduce rectangular box instead. Huat Huat’s salted green bean pastry fit perfectly in the new rectangular shape box. Pastry arrangement is more organized and the box provide a novelty feeling too.

3. Upgrade box closure

From the left image above, we can obviously see that the box's closure was not tight enough and additional printed sticker is required to keep them attached. The new box (box at the right side) comes with a lock on its cover, which keep the box lock manually. No additional sticker is needed! Therefore, don’t worry the pastry will fall out when you accidentally drop your packaging on the floor. You just got to worry about your pastry.

4. Upgrade Design

To achieve their slogan “Modern Looks, Classic Taste”, we use vibrant color to create a modern packaging look without losing its traditional vibes. Competing in a matured market like this, a redefined packaging could help in differentiating your product identity among your competitors.

Huat Huat's case study has awaken us on how significant redefining a packaging is. Redefine a packaging is not only from its design; structure has to be taken into consideration as well. This is why we focus so much on redefining your packaging besides producing qualify products to our customer.

What are you waiting for? We are here to provide solutions to your packaging. Contact us now for more details!

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