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Neuera was established with a simple objective at heart, that to assist our clients to promote their products and build their brands. We take pride in working closely with our clients to create new ideas and packaging solutions that are advanced, unique and exclusive.

As a dedicated packaging provider, we specialised in manufacturing full range of packaging products that are custom made to your needs. We provide you one place to get all your custom packaging done easily.

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We inspired to become a reputable packaging company in providing unrivalled packaging solutions to our clients through innovative technologies and in depth market knowledges.


To provide creative and outstanding packaging solution that helps improve branding recognition and market expansion of our clients. To initiate a new era of packaging development among Malaysian SMEs industry in achieving global packaging standard.



To respect and value our clients, dedicated to contribute to our client's success story.


Devoted to research and development which focus on innovation, technology advancement and creativity


Continuously improving our knowledge, inspired to become the best that we do.


Cultivate a positive working culture and environment which value teamwork, dedication and honest communication.

Why Neuera?

Direct Manufacturer Price

As a manufacturer, we are confidence in offering the most competitive pricing to our clients.

Professional Sales Support

Our professional sale and support team will be able to walk you through the whole ordering process smoothly.

Resourceful Choice of Materials

Differentiate your brand with our fantastic choice of materials and effects.

Low Order Quantity

As a manufacturer, we are able to take in order from as long as 500pcs.

Hassle Free Delivery

We handle delivery from our factory to your doorstep.

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