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Are your Christmas Celebration same as mine? 🌲🌲🌲

Would you prefer a physical or virtual Christmas party this time?

Christmas is always the most anticipated day for me especially the gift exchange session.

Plan and come out with a schedule beforehand:

1. Decide dress code

Dress code is always important to create Christmas vibes. Besides cosplaying Christmas characters, I always prefer the simplest way- wearing anything Christmas colors, can be green, brown, or the most traditional red and white.

2. Decide venue

In the past years, we always have Christmas party either in a café or friend's house. However, this year might be a little different due to Covid-19 pandemic. Virtual Christmas party with friends might be a good try too! Dress up, prep your meals and sit in front of the webcam for the party to start.

3. Decide what games to play during the party

Games and songs to break the ice. Thereafter, deep chat will always be in our list as we only managed to meet once in a while. The last will always be everyone's main dish - the gift exchange.

4. Gift Exchange session

Those who are having physical gathering, all eyes are locked at the corner where cluster of presents are stored. A premium gift packaging will always stand out. I feel quite embarrassed at times for not able to wrap my present nicely while everyone have theirs all nicely wrapped up. Therefore, a gift set with premium packaging will always be my first choice as it is not only impressive from outside, but also help save my time on wrapping the gift.

I think virtual Christmas party will be most considered this year. Does this means gift exchange plan fails? I don't think so. You can have your gift shipped in advance, reveal only during the virtual party. Therefore, getting a Christmas gift with premium packaging which also can be used as a shipping box seems to bring a lot of convenience for customers.

5. Countdown

Shout out to everybody: Yay! MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Let's delight your customers while adding value to your products and business this Christmas!

  • Help customers to make a purchase that add value to your products

No need to worry about the gift, a gift set with premium packaging will do! Customer always judge your product's value based on your packaging.

  • Save cost and time

Use a packaging with 2 purposes, save both your packaging and shipping box cost. Besides, it also save your customer's time on wrapping the present. Less trouble with more values!

This Christmas, we are having Christmas offers with FREE packaging consultation and FREE Christmas packaging design.

To delight your customers with quality Christmas packaging, contact us for more information >>here<<.

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