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How to use our FREE wish card to win your customer’s heart? 💝

Wish card is being widely used in older days to express appreciation and blessing to their precious one. In pace with the rapid developing of digital technology, wish card is gradually being substituted by online digital card. However, something which can’t be substituted is how people touch and feel your wish card physically. It makes a physical connection with your customers and also reminds your customers of you every time when they see your wish card.

Therefore, we are now giving away 100pcs FREE wish card, as long as you have made ANY purchase with us in a single order.

👇3 ways to use our FREE wish card with our packaging creatively: 👇

We will be launching 4 sets of designs in total. Please do keep a close eye on our FB & IG page for the upcoming wish card’s designs.

⚠️ Gentle reminder ⚠️

Remember to mention the redemption code when you place your order. Redemption on first-come-first-served basis.

Hurry up! Contact us now for any inquiries. While stocks last.

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