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10 Eye-catching Raya Packaging

Look how these impressive Raya packaging caught my attention...

Premium Music Box by Kuki Fondue, a box that can sing

DALILA Raya Collection by NORCH

Hasna by Souly

KEJU by Carmen Raya Kampung House

Cocova Raya Gift Set

Hotel Indonesia Kempinski Jakarta

UNBOX by Huff and Puff Jom Series

Four Seasons Hotel Jakarta

Cookies Gift Box by Alverra

Thinking about Raya packaging, what are the challenges that come to your mind?

✅ Bored of similar Raya packaging every year? Think out of the box but yet maintaining Raya's traditional features to outshine my competitors?

✅ How to redefine my packaging in order to impress my customers in this festive season?

✅ I am not only wanting a creative packaging that could capture attentions but also

allow my customers to send my product as a gift conveniently.

✅ How can I add value to my product?

WE have the solution! We assist to redefine your packaging and help enhance your product's value. Our resourceful team are able to provide information on structures, materials, printing, designs and accessories.

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