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What will you gain from restructuring your CNY packaging? -Set 1-

Judge a book by its cover? Yes, indeed very true. Consumers usually judge products based on its packaging.

How can a CNY packaging capture your attention? Creative of a packaging not only on the outer design; but also on its structure. Do you know that structure also add advantage to the whole packaging? An outstanding packaging structure not only increase the functionality of the box, but also brings many conveniences to your customers.

In this coming Chinese New Year, we introduced 2 sets of creative CNY packaging. For the first set of our CNY packaging, we used combination of 2 different colors and layers to create a premium effect on packaging. Bright pink symbolizes joyfulness while gold wording on black background creates a classy effect. Double layers create double protection for your product. Besides, the rope handle allows people to carry the packaging conveniently like a handbag. This packaging structure is perfectly designed for Bakkwa, Yu Sang or CNY goodies.

To know what more benefits you will gain from our 2nd set of CNY packaging? Stay tune for our next blog…

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