Custom Diary is the New Thing Now!

You hear me right. The new trend is moving towards personalised diary, notebook, planner and organiser. Corporate diary has become the best gift for your customers.

At Neuera, we help to redefine your diary making it valuable to you and your customers. We pay attention to details like diary designs, covering materials, accessories, quality of papers and workmanship in order to

make you one of our happy customers.


Wire-O Notebook

Customized wire-O notebook is an important tool to remind ourselves of important dates and events, whether it’s personal or business in nature. A handy diary can easily be stowed away inside your backpack, laptop or handbag.


We at NEUERA, constantly innovate our diary cover designs to give a fresh look every year.

yellow book.png

Journal & Planner

Personalized journal and planner are the perfect tool for us to write down and keep record of our daily happenings, be it personal or business in nature.


Although journal and planner are usually less complicated than that of diary or organizer, we at NEUERA add surprised to its cover and design.

blue diary.png

6 Ring Organizer

Our personalized organizers are carefully designed to suit your exciting lifestyle.


We understand that you may have a lot of things to keep track and a custom organizer will just come in handy for you.

3 colour book.png
hand book.png

Diary Accessories, Materials & Designs

At NEUERA, we use only carefully selected PU materials and accessories. You will be pampered with endless choice of trendy crafted designs, covering materials and accessories. We help our customers to mix and match the right design to the right covering material, texture, colour and accessory.


All our corporate diary, journal and organizer products are made to be uniquely yours.


Please let us hear from you.