Showcase / Luxury Gift Box
Luxury Gift Box
paper bag
reusable bag
paper box

Shangri-la Hotel

Luxury Mooncake Box

Metal Plate
Acrylic top
Glitter UV


gift box

3D emboss
gold foil
EVA foam tray

Neo Group

Luxury Mooncake Box

Gold Foil

soap box

Crystal Bead
Coloured Foil

Pullman Hotel

Luxury Mooncake Box

Fabric Covering
Metal Lock

Powder Design

Drawer Gift Box

Gold Foil
Ribbon Handle


soap box

Coloured foil

artisan du chocolat

chocolate box

gold foil


Luxury Hinge Box

Silver foil

luxury gift box

A luxury gift box creates expectations of what will be inside before it’s even opened. It tells the recipient that this is something special, something to be treasured, a gift of the highest quality. It says yours is a luxury brand.

Our fine craftsmanship, superb finishing and endless supply of creative ideas ensure that your gift boxes will reflect the luxury and prestige of the products they embrace.

This is luxury packaging that creates the definitive luxury gifting experience.